7/8-L Red Satin w/Silver Lining Bow. Rhinestone Heart Embellishment

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Product Description


Stylish couture style bow great for all occasions for the love of your life. Will make an awesome Valentine's Day Bow to compliment your favorite Valentine's Day dress or perfectly fine as a stand alone bow.

Although the red ribbon is 7/8, the silver lining measures in at 1" thereby making this bow a little larger than normal 7/8" bows. A gorgeous faux pearl heart encircled by rhinestones make a beautiful statement of your love for your baby.

Many compliments will be yours!

** Approx. Size: 7/8" (1" with Silver Lining) x 1-5/8" not including flags.

** Two 1/4" strong orthodontics bands have been sewn on to secure to your dog's topknot.

** Perfect for Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Poms and all long-hair dogs.

**Embellishment has been securely glued on to ensure your pet's safety.

** Packaged in a crush proof box and promptly delivered.

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