AB Rhinestone Dog Necklace Accessory

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Product Description

Couture Rhinestone Collar Accessory.

Listing is for pet necks from 9-1/2" to 12-1/2". This particular necklace is exactly 11" long with a 2" extender. This is a perfect style accessory for short hair dogs such as Chihuahuas and all short hair pets however as you can see Patty has the longer hair and still looks great! This can be worn as a Choker style or as a slightly Draping style. However it is worn it will present itself beautifully.

This is my own design and you will not find this elsewhere. If you're looking for a little Bling for those pets that can not wear bows, then this is the go to piece for all special occasions. Don't miss out as I have few to go around. You should see this sparkle in the sunlight. Just gorgeous!

How to Measure for Proper Fit.

You can use either a cloth measuring tape, a piece of ribbon or string or even a thin strip of paper to wrap around your dog's neck. You want to position your measuring device where the collar will sit comfortably. You "DO" want this to be snug but not tight if it is to be a Choker style... so put your pinky finger inside of the measuring tape (or whatever you are using to measure) and allow for this slight extra to ensure the necklace will not be too tight. If you are looking for it to Drape, then add approximately 1/2" to its length. Once you get the right length if not using a tape measure, take the ribbon, string or paper and measure the length with a ruler. As there is an extender on this necklace even if you measured slightly tight you should be fine.

NOTE: This is a necklace to accessorize your dog. It is not and should not be considered to be a collar for walking and/or restraining. Whenever your dog is wearing any type of accessory we encourage you to keep your pet safe by having them wear accessories only when they are able to be supervised.

Necklace will be packaged in a crush proof box and mailed in a bubble envelope to ensure safe arrival to your pet.

Thank you for shopping our store and ask that you consider leaving positive feedback. Should there ever be an issue with your purchase, please contact me so I can do my best to rectify it for you.

AB Rhinestone Dog Necklace Accessory AB Rhinestone Dog Necklace Accessory AB Rhinestone Dog Necklace Accessory

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