I started Bellas Dog Bows as a result of purchasing bows for the many Yorkies I own and breed. As a breeder I enjoy keeping all my adults in the longer hair with topknots and as for the puppies, well they too need bows for making them that "extra special cute".

As you know to buy quality bows that last can become quite expensive. This is when I decided to try my hand at making show bows not just for my own dogs but to share with those looking for hand-made quality bows that are a little different and/or more unique than the average.

I love making bows with that extra special "umph" ... using quality embellishments that are sewn on ... not just glued. I know that with puppies they love pulling at their bows and should a bow get loose, then it definitely will be chewed. Sewing embellishments on help to keep them from being ingested, That's very important to me.

I also only use 2-small bands (orthodontic bands) for the same reason as not to have clips being chewed or ingested by your puppy.

It is my hope to establish a good reputation with customers looking for the best.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our shop and I do hope for you to stop by and also "buy" a quality hand-made bow you will be proud to adorn your little girl or boy with.

You can find more Inspired Bows at www.facebook.com/bellasdogbows

If ever you are interested in a quality well-bred AKC Yorkie with beautiful champion lineage, a 2-year health guarantee and definitely well loved and spoiled and raised in my home in a holistic environment, then you should check out my website at: www.hollingberryyorkies.com

Thank you for looking!

Special Bows for Special Dogs

Show / Couture or Everyday Casual bows ...
. . . . . for the exceptional dog / cat in your life.

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